Single Computer License vs Site & Multiple User License


The single computer license is for casual users who only want to load the program on one computer. There are many limitations to the single computer license. None of the below limitations apply to the multiple user versions.

1) The single computer license requires Excel to run, but is an executable (.exe) file that must be registered to a single computer. The single computer version can only be used on one computer. When the program is first run you will receive instructions for registering the program to the computer it was installed onto. After a trial period the program will not run if it hasn't been registered.

2) The single computer version program file can be put on a server, but will only run from the computer it was registered to.

3) The single computer version will not run with a RAID hard drive system.

4) The single computer version can't be run on a MAC computer.

5) The single computer version can't be run on a virtual machine.

6) You can't see the formulas in a cell like you can with an Excel file. You can only see the results.

7) You can't copy worksheets (such as having two copies of the snow worksheet).

8) With the multiuser version there is no license key to ever deal with. If you want to add the program to your laptop, you can. If your computer crashes you just reload the program versus going through the hassle of getting a new license key. When you upgrade in the future to a new version of the program (which is only when a new code is released), you won't need to get a new license key.

9) And finally since the single user version is an executable program requiring a key file, it isn't as future proof as having the actual Excel file. There are no guarantees that project files will open on a future operating system many years from now.