Frequently Asked Questions



  • I am unable to install the program because the password will not unlock the program.
    This is usually due to one of the following:
    1) Did you download the correct version (single computer vs multiuser)? For example: If your password begins with CS18m then you need to download the multiuser version. If it begins with CS18s then you need to download the single computer version.
    2) If you cut and pasted the password you may have copied a space. Hit the backspace button until the "OK" button works. Or type the password in..
    3) The password is case sensitive. Make sure Caps Lock isn't on.
    4) Are you downloading the correct version? For example: If your password begins with CS18 then you need to download the 2018 version, not the 2015 version.

  • When I install the program the install log states only a partial success

  • If the error states something like "Failed to install: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\StruWare\Code Search\Code Search.LNK Access is denied." This may happen when you install an update. Everything is fine. The error is stating the install program didn't have priveleges to overwrite the start menu shortcut to start the program. This is okay, since the old shortcut hasn't changed.


  • A dialog box questions whether the program installed properly
    Don't worry the program has installed properly. Answer that it has installed proberly.




  • I get a message that includes: Warning: #N4U102.

  • You have a RAID hard drive system. The single computer version will not work with a RAID system. You need to upgrade to the multiuser version.


  • I created a copy of one of the worksheets within the Code Search workbook and saved it. But when I open the program and enter new entries nothing recalculates.

  • You can't copy worksheets with the single computer version


  • What are other single computer license limitations?

  • Click here to view the limitations,



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