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Calculate structural loadings for the International Building Code (2000 - 2018), ASCE 7 (1998 - 2016) & NFPA 5000 plus state codes based on these codes such as California, Florida, Ohio, etc. The program calculates wind, seismic, snow, snow drift and LL reductions. It also has a dead and live load generator. Excel 2000 or later is required.

Key Benefits

  • One program for all building codes (all of the above listed codes in one program). You don't have to maintain multiple programs for different code versions.
  • ASCE 7 Wind Loads - all surfaces and square foot cases without multiple entries. Also includes signs, tanks, chimneys and other structures. (IBC & other codes are just tabulated versions of ASCE 7)
  • ASCE 7 / IBC Snow Loads - includes rain surcharge, unbalanced loading and drift loading.
  • ASCE 7 / IBC Seismic Loads - includes zip code search for Ss & S1.
  • Dead Load Generator - for floor and roof dead loads.
  • Live Load Generator - floor & roof live loads including live load reduction.
  • Wall Load Generator - assemble wall loads with various materials.
  • Title Sheet Generator - for calculation submittals.

Worked Examples

To view worked examples from ASCE 7 guides and other publications: Click here.

To view videos: Click here.


Single computer vs Site / Multiple User License:

The multiuser license is an Excel file with no limitations. The single computer license requires Excel, but is an executable file locked to one computer and only one computer. There are also several other limitations. Please read the limitations before ordering. Click here to view the limitations,


MAC Computer users:

The single user version will not run on a MAC. You need to order a site license. Also specify in your ordering instructions that you want the MAC version. Only the Code Search program is available for MAC computers.



Description SKU # Price Click here for online store
Single computer (see above) CS2018s $250
Site License (multiple users at one location) CS2018m $395
Multiple Office License CS2018ms $790
Change from single computer to Site License CS2018su $145
Change from Site License to Multiple Office License CS2018mu $395
Upgrade from CS15 to CS2018 (single or multi-user) CS15u $165
Upgrade from CS12 to CS2018 (multi-user). Single computer upgrade is the cost of a new license. CS12u $295

CS2018 - Includes the 1998 - 2016 ASCE7 and the 2000 - 2018 IBC
CS15 (discontinued) - Includes the 1998 - 2010 ASCE7 and the 2000 - 2015 IBC
CS12 (discontinued) - Based on 1998 - 2010 ASCE7 and the 2000 - 2012 IBC
CS09 (discontinued and not upgradable) - Based on 1998 - 2005 ASCE7 and the 2000 - 2009 IBC
CS06 (discontinued and not upgradable) - Based on 1998 - 2005 ASCE7 and the 2000 - 2006 IBC
CS03 (discontinued and not upgradable) - Based on 1998 & 2002 ASCE7 and the 2000 & 2003 IBC
CS02 (discontinued and not upgradable) - Based on ASCE7 -98 and the 2000 IBC

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