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We will support and post free program updates for a program until a new code version is released that affects the program.

With the release of a new code, a new version of the program may be released. There will be a discounted cost to upgrade to a new version of a program. For example the IBC is updated every 3 years, so there is a new version of the Code Search program released when there is a new IBC issued and there will be a discounted price to upgrade. However, there have been minor changes to ACI codes which has resulted in no charge for recent updates.

Upgrades due to a new code are free within 60 days of purchase, unless there is an increase in price for the new version (if you want the upgrade you pay the difference in price between the new version and the price you paid).

Site license upgrades are the same price as single license upgrades.

Customer support is through email. We welcome comments to improve our product.

Most questions are about the code search program. You may think you have found something wrong with the program. However, it is usually due to the complexity of ASCE 7. For example, the corner pressures for a roof with less than 10 degree slope and height less than 60' can be less than pressures in all other zones (see Figure in the code).


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