Concrete Beam and slabs

Designs concrete beams and slabs in accordance with ACI 318. The program is designed for the quick calculation of reinforcing requirements. It also designs for torsion which most concrete beam programs exclude.

Key Benefits

  • Calculates flexural, shear and torsional reinforcing steel for concrete beams.
  • Calculates flexural reinforcing steel for concrete slabs and checks shear stresses.
  • Calculates maximum reinforcing steel spacing for crack control.
  • Calculates actual steel required without having to input actual reinforcing.
  • Calculates Ie and Ec for deflection calculations.

Our concrete beam demo is a free version of the ACI 318-99 program. However, please note there are major changes in ACI 318 after the 1999 version. The load factors have changed to ASCE 7 and the strength reduction factors (f) have changed. By purchasing you will receive any updates to the new ACI 318 versions and the ACI 318-99 version automatically.

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ACI 318-99 - Free
Single user : ACI 318 (99-current) CB08s $45
Site License (multiple users at one location) : ACI 318 (99-current) CB08m $90
Multiple Offices License : ACI 318 (99-current) CB08ms $180
Upgrade from single user to Site License CB08su $45
Upgrade Site License to Multiple Office License CB08mu $90
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