CMU walls in accordance with TMS 402/ACI 530/ ASCE 5. This program is based on the wall design for out-of-plane loads procedure in TMS 402/ACI 530/ ASCE 5. It will analyze a typical wall panel, a leg next to an opening or a leg between two openings. There is also a graphical layout of the opening(s) to verify input.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and straight forward to use.
  • Analyze walls for axial loading as well as horizontal wind and seismic pressures.
  • Analyze panel legs next to openings without having to perform hand calculations to distribute uniform axial loads, horizontal loads or panel weight above opening to the panel leg.
  • Graphical output to verify opening dimensions.

Worked Examples

To view worked examples from the "2009 Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures" published by the Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada: Click here.


Single computer vs Site / Multiple User License:

The site license is an Excel file with no limitations (except worksheets are protected). The single computer license requires Excel, but is an executable file locked to one computer and only one computer. There are also several other limitations. Please read the limitations before ordering. Click here to view the limitations,



Description SKU # Price Click here for online store
Single computer (see above) CMU16s $75
Site License (multiple users at one location) CMU16m $150
Multiple Office License CMU16ms $300
Change from single computer to Site License CMU16su $75
Change from Site License to Multiple Office License CMU16mu $150
Upgrade from CMU11 to CMU16 (single or multi-user) CMU11u $50

CMU16 - Based on TMS 402/ACI 530/ ASCE 5-08/11/13 & TMS 402-16
CMU11 (Discontinued) - Based on TMS 402/ACI 530/ ASCE 5-08/11

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