Companies from large to small use our programs. Your competiors most likely are. Here are just a few of our user comments.


"Great software package. I cannot tell you how much time this saves me. Thanks for your  hard work and reasonable pricing."

"It (Code Search) really is a great program.   I have Digital Canal's "Wind 9" program.   Yours is infinitely better; much, much more user-friendly;  minimum "Input", maximum "Output"."

"I think your software is a must. Thank you for serving our engineering community."

"Once again many thanks for keeping all your valuable programs up to date and I’m sure your new Tilt-up spreadsheet will also be an excellent time saver. Your programs are probably the best software investment I’ve ever made. "

"Wow! Finally, a wind load program that works for me. I have tried several others that are always too hard to use or give erroneous results."

I’ve been using this program for about 4 years now, starting with my previous employer and now with my own firm. I primarily use it for the wind sheets but find the other sheets useful as a check on my own spreadsheets. It’s convenient, very reliable, and worth every penny.

"Not to patronize you, but have to say in my 35 year practice I find your code search software to be right up there with the best. I tell everyone to buy it, unfortunately only 3 or so have, engineers are a real stubborn bunch" - Thats okay there are thousands of current users and over fifteen hundred big and small firms who aren't so stubborn.

"Thanks again! My hat is off to you for developing such a useful program and providing such professional and extended support."

"Thanks for the update. It came through and works just fine. We continue to make good use of your program. Your ongoing efforts to keep it up to date are greatly appreciated."

"I just attended a wind design course conducted by the University of Florida and the instructor had high praise for your program."

"I have been very pleased with your program and have used it for the past several years. I was just curious that you keep sending me updates. I usually get updates for about the first year after buying a program. I'm not complaining, I just wanted to know if I need to send you some more money for all of your added work." - The answer was: updates are free, there is no charge until there is a new code, then there is an upgrade charge for a new version.

"I missed footnote 7.Sorry for the trouble and thanks, again, for your patience." - Most of the bug reports we receive are due to the buts, ifs, insteads, footnotes, hidden items, etc. in the code. Are you catching them all?

"Thanks so much for the prompt response. Your software and support is excellent. I have passed the word to my colleagues what a great product you have."

"Thank you for the update. We are finding the program most useful and I like the addition of the summary page. Keep up the good work."

"Your Code Search Program has been very useful. We use it for all of our projects."

"Thank you for an outstanding software package."

"Thanks a lot for your excellent spreadsheet. I use it on a daily basis and I am so happy about the time I really save in my work."

"This continues to be a great investment."


"Your program is well worth the cost. I looked at several wind analysis programs and didn't see anything that I liked. I was well into writing my own when I discovered yours. It was a simple decision to purchase yours."

"I appreciate your updates on Struware. I use it nearly every day."

"Thank you for the recent upgrade and the excellent software. we use it almost everyday. It is indispensable..."

"Great software!"

"Once again I want to thank you for the excellent support you are giving us, the faithful users of your program".

"Thanks for your quick reply. I continue to find this software essential for my structural engineering design business."

"Very impressive program."