Where is the telephone number (and answers to other questions):

Someone emailed me asking me to call him. When I called he told me his boss was afraid to buy software from a company that didn't list a phone number. I guess he thought it might be a scam. I don't know about you, but I would think there are better ways to scam people than write complicated software and try to sell it to Structural Engineers (of all people). This page will try to answer why there isn't a phone number and such other questions.


Telephone number?

The software is inexpensive and easier to use than other programs. I run an engineering business. To be honest, the software doesn't make enough money to have people call and interrupt the engineering business. However, if you email, you should get a response within 12 hours. The software is so easy to use that most people have never emailed us. If you really want to talk, email your phone number and someone will call you.


Is my credit card safe?

Your credit card number is given to a secure server. If we were to misuse your credit card information, we would lose our credit card processing ability. And you are protected by law from scams as long as you use a credit card. Also, assuming you would complain, we would lose the ability to advertise in magazines such as "Structural Engineering".


How do I know the software will be supported?

We use it daily in a structural engineering office. So it has to be updated.


How do I know it is giving me correct answers?

ASCE publishes guides to wind loading and snow loading using the provisions of ASCE7. The code search program page has worked examples in PDF file format you can download. AISC Design Guide #11 has examples to check the vibration program.


Am I crazy to trust StruWare?

You will save so much money in manhours (and correct answers) you are crazy if you don't buy our software. I'm fairly sure that once you use the code search program, you won't start a project without it.


Still not convinced?

Just track the manhours it takes to calculate ASCE7 loads for a building or if you have multiple engineers, look at the different answers they each get. The cost of the program is peanuts. The money you save is dollars in your pocket.